Correa Sincrónica RPP (Panther with UltraCord)

Available in: 8M & 14M belt pitches from 19 inches to 195 inches.

Compact - smaller, more compact drive systems offer lighter weight, higher performance and improved efficiency.

Powerful - delivers maximum horsepower on some of the toughest high torque synchronous drive systems in the world.

Efficient - delivers an average of 98% operating efficiency, thereby reducing energy consumption by as much as 5%.

Agile - ideally suited for backside idlers, its range of industry applications and services is virtually limitless.

The RPP Panther Belt was developed to elevate the range of power transmission in synchronous belts to a level previously only possible using less efficient forms of mechanical drive systems such as chain or gear. The reinforced parabolic profile (RPP) reduces synchronous drive noise, minimizes tooth jump and tooth shear, increases torque and power transmission capability, and improves meshing of the belt and sprocket. The premium compounds used in the RPP Panther provide a superb blend of belt strength and flexibility. This combination assures maximum horsepower and energy efficient flex life.

RPP Panther also utilizes a specially designed fiber cord to resist shock loads, maximize power transfer range, and assure straight line tracking in the sprocket. The high torque load capabilities of the RPP Panther drive system make it an ideal candidate for replacing messy, high maintenance chain drives because RPP Panther does not need lubrication or constant re-tensioning. The RPP Panther drive is also frequently more energy efficient and lighter weight than comparable chain drive systems and eliminates metal to metal contact. The silent and powerful RPP Panther Belt is the ultimate in high performance synchronous power transmission!