Correa Sincrónica (Synchro-Cog Timing Belt)

The Synchro-Cog® Timing Belt is the ideal product when you must have synchronizations between driving and driven units. Timing belts provide a clean, quiet , long lasting alternative to chain or gears. The Synchro-Cog® Timing belt features full neoprene construction, high quality fiberglass cords, and a tough nylon tooth facing.

Available in XL, L, H, XH & XXH Pitches from 5 inches to 180 inches.

Trapezoidal tooth profile Perfect synchronization between driver and driven units Low maintenance Long life Clean and quiet Applications: Machine tools Sewing machines Packaging equipment Vending machines Food processing equipment & More

Tensile Cord Specially treated to provide strength, added flex life and resistance to stretching.

Molded Teeth Shear resistant. Designed to assure smooth, positive meshing with the sprocket.

Tooth Fabric Provides maximum flexibility and wear resistance for extended belt life.